This webpage is a link to the latest happenings with the proposed “Colton Component” under the California High Speed Rail system proposed statewide.   The “Colton Component” is part of the Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section of the High Speed Rail project but does not include high speed rail.  The “Colton Component” consists of re-routing rail freight that currently travels the Los Angeles to Anaheim route to through the Inland Empire (Colton).  This is intended to accommodate passenger rail, exclusively, along the Los Angeles to Anaheim Section.  

Concurrent with the re-routing of freight traffic, BNSF Railroad is proposing to construct an Intermodal Facility at the former CalPortland Cement site to facilitate the offloading of freight from trains to trucks.  The project will involve new rail connectors from the CalPortland site to existing rail lines, and expansion of existing rail corridors through the City of Colton. The project will add up to ten (10) freight trains per day to the existing level of freight traffic, and an associated increase in truck trips.  An increase of 2,700 average daily truck trips is expected to occur locally.

An Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (“EIR/EIS”) is currently being prepared by the California High Speed Rail Authority and is scheduled for release for public comment in mid- to late 2022. 

The following is a links to information provided by the California High-Speed Rail Authority:

Contact information for California High Speed Rail Authority Contacts
(877) 669-0494

City of Colton and San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) Responses to NOP