District 4

Council Member - Dr. Luis Gonzales

Dr. Luis S. González

Council Member

City of Colton
650 N. La Cadena Drive
Colton, CA 92324

Office: (909) 370-5061
Fax: (909) 370-5192
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Council 1st Term: December 2014 to December 2018                                                      Council 2nd Term: December 2018 to December 2022

Dr. Luis S. Gonzalez was first elected in 2014 as the Council Member representing District 4.  He was then re-elected in 2018 to serve a second term.  Council Member Gonzalez received his Ph.D. in 1981 from the University of Cincinnati.  He is the founder of “City Talk”, Colton Area Museum Day, and the Colton Youth Leadership Program.  Dr. Gonzalez is also the author of “WWII Veteran’s Living in Colton” and “Rehearsal Effectiveness.”  He writes for the Colton Courier and Colton City News Community Writer.  Council Member Gonzalez worked for 40 years as an educator teaching music and world history.  In this capacity, Dr. Gonzalez also represents the City of Colton as a member on several local agencies, boards and committees including;

  • Colton Beautification Committee
  • Colton Bridge Committee
  • Colton CDBG Committee
  • Colton Military Banner Committee
  • Colton Mural Committee
  • Colton Downtown Redevelopment Design Committee
  • South Colton Redevelopment Design Committee
  • Board of Directors – Colton Area Museum
  • Colton Veteran’s Day event Coordinator
  • Colton Youth Leadership Program Coordinator
  • Business Focus Committee

As Council Member representing District 4 and the City of Colton, some of Gonzalez’s  goals and objectives include:  

  • Listen to the Residents
  • Communication
  • Honesty-Integrity
  • Follow-Through
  • Business Relations
  • Promote Colton History
  • Promote Colton Veterans
  • Promote Youth Leadership