Notice Is Hereby Given that the following persons have been nominated for the offices designated to be filled at the General Municipal Election to be held in the City of Colton on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The following list is in the order they will appear on the ballot, in accordance with the secretary of state's randomized alphabet drawing.

Council Member – District 1

David J. Toro

Council Member – District 2

Ernest Ray Cisneros

Council Member – District 4 

Dr. Luis S. Gonzalez


Frank Navarro Mark L. Garcia

Measure R

Starting with the November 8, 2022 election, shall the Colton City Council be reduced in number from 6 members with an at-large Mayor to 4 members with an at-large Mayor, and shall members of the Colton City Council be elected by 4 districts as described in Ordinance No. 0-09-18, with the Mayor of the City of Colton being elected on a citywide basis by the voters of the entire City? Read more about Measure R.

Measure U

Shall the City of Colton adopt an ordinance enacting a tax on cannabis businesses of up to $25 per square foot of space utilized for cannabis cultivation/processing, and up to 10% of gross receipts from the sale of cannabis and related products, generating approximately $ 2,100,000 annually for general City services, such as police and emergency response, parks and youth/ senior services, and street repair, until ended by voters? Read more about Measure U.

Measure V
Colton City Services Measure - To provide approximately $5,000,000 annually in additional funding that will remain under local control for Colton general city services, including police, fire paramedics, parks, libraries, youth, and senior services, shall an ordinance be adopted authorizing a transfer not to exceed 20% of annual electric utility gross revenues to the City of Colton' s General Fund, until ended by voters? Read more about Measure V.