Water / Wastewater


​An abundant local water supply is one of Colton's greatest assets. The city sits on one of the largest potable aquifers in the State of California, therefore, 100% of the city's water comes from deep water wells. Colton's existing potable water system facilities consist of 15 wells, 5 main booster pumping plants, 9 water storage reservoirs, 2 pressure reducing facilities, and over 120 miles of water transmission and distribution pipelines.​​​​​​​


​The City owns, operates and maintains a wastewater collection, pumping and treatment system. The wastewater treatment plant also serves the City of Grand Terrace and unincorporated County areas. The plant utilizes a conventional and extended aeration secondary treatment process to product treated effluent in compliance with Regional Water Quality Control Board regulations. In addition, a regional tertiary treatment plant serving both the Cities of Colton and San Bernardino treats the effluent from our wastewater treatment plant and returns the water to the Santa Ana River.


​The City of Colton Water/Wastewater Department is completing a Federal Emergency Management Agency required Hazard Mitigation Plan.

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Hazard Mitigation Plan

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