Parkway Tree Management

Safety is our priority! The City of Colton’s Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of your family, property and to protect the welfare of our Colton residents.

If a tree(s) is too close to your home or maybe potentially harmful, the trees(s) will be:

  • Evaluated by a Certified Arborist & Certified Tree Risk Inspector (TRAQ).
  • Painted with and ORANGE “X”.
  • Scheduled for removal by the Public Works Department.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at: 909-370-5065


Do you pay attention to your tree(s) structure and/or foundation? To ensure the safety of your home, family, and neighbors – We’re here to help! A few simple steps can help save your tree from tipping over or even branches breaking off.

Here are some helpful tips on How to Spot a Dangerous Tree:

  • Are Branches Hanging Over your House?
  • Are Limbs in Contact with Power Lines? 
  • Do you Notice Cracks in The Trunk or Major Limbs?
  • Is there Significant Leaning to One Side? 
  • Are There Signs of Hollowing and Decaying?
  • Do you See Mushrooms Growing from The Bark?
  • Are There Dead Limbs Hanging From your Tree?
  • Do you Notice Diseased, Bark, Limbs, or Roots?
  • Be Sure to Inspect Pests that Can Decline the Tree(s) Health. 
  • Are there Mushrooms and Fungus Growing On or Near the Tree?
  • Are Limbs in Contact with Power Lines? 

If there’s a “YES” to any of the questions or statements above, please contact the proper responders:

For emergencies that do not involve electric lines, please call the City of Colton Public Works Department Monday-Thursday 7 am-6 pm: 909-370-5065

For emergencies after hours, call: 909-370-5000

If utility or electric lines are in danger or affected call, Colton Electric Utility Monday-Thursday 7 am-6 pm at: 909-370-6132