Maintenance of Turfgrass

SeasonGrassTimeRate (Pounds of Seed or bu*/1000)Mowing Height in InchesFertilizationIrrigation (Vertical Mowing)
WarmCommon BermudaLate spring/early summer1 pound12 to 4 pounds per yearYes
WarmHybrid BermudaLate spring/early summer4 to 6 bu or sod¾4 to 6 pounds per yearYes
WarmSt. AugustineLate spring/early summer3 to 5 bu or sod¾ to 1 ¼4 pounds per yearNo
WarmZoysiaLate spring/early summer4 to 6 bu. or sod¾ to 12 pounds per yearYes
CoolTall FescueFall or spring10 pounds1 ½ to 32 to 4 pounds per yearNo
CoolKentucky Bluegrass

Fall or spring2 to 3 pounds1 ½4 to 6 pounds per yearYes
CoolPerennial RyegrassFall or spring6 pounds1 ½4 pounds per yearNo

Remember, for efficient water use:

  • Control compaction
  • Mow your lawn at the correct height
  • Maintain consistent watering habits
  • Use sprinklers for large areas of grass