Planning Documents

Planning Documents consists of the City General Plan, Specific Plans, Downtown Design Manual, South Colton Livable Corridor Plan, Colton Climate Action Plan and other important habitat and safety documents important to the growth and development of the City.

1.  Colton General Plan

2.  Colton Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

3. Reche Canyon Specific Plan

4. The HUB City Centre Specific Plan

5.  Colton Downtown Design Manual & Vision Posters (adopted 07/19/16)

6.  Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

7.  Climate Action Plan

       The City of Colton Climate Action Plan (CAP)  (2015 Resolution No R-119-15)

8.  Urban Forestry Management Master Plan

9.   South Colton Livable Corridor Plan - June 2019

10.  Colton Maps

11. Roquet Ranch Specific Plan