Environmental Documents

The City of Colton provides electronic copies of environmental documents for public review as described in the public notices prepared for the project. This is consistent with Assembly Bill 209 requiring a public agency to provide the public with a location in obtaining an electronic copy of the environmental document under review. The environmental documents listed below have been prepared and are now available for public review. The public review period ends at 5 pm on the last day of the Review Period.

All comments should be provided in writing to the Development Services Director and received by staff before the end of the public review period. Written comments should be sent to the City either by fax to 909-783-0875, in person, or via mail to:

City of Colton
Attn: Development Services Director
Development Services Department
Planning Division
659 N. La Cadena Drive
Colton, CA 92324

Please include the project name/number in all correspondence.

Project Environmental Documents – Active 
(Updated SEPTEMBER 2023)

1.  Reche Canyon Plaza - Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) at 2501 Reche Canyon Drive

  • Notice of Availability_DAP-001- 453 - Public Comment - NOA Here

  • Draft EIR - September 9, 2023 - Click Here

Appendixes - Full Copy of Appendixes Below - Click Here

  • Appendix A-1:  Notice of Preparation and Comment Letters
  • Appendix A-2: Public Scoping Meeting Materials and Comments
  • Appendix B-1:  Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Appendix B-2:  Energy Calculations
  • Appendix C:    Biological Resources Assessment
  • Appendix D:    Cultural Resources Assessment
  • Appendix E:     Phase Geotechnical Report
  • Appendix F:     Phase I Hazardous Materials Report
  • Appendix G:     Preliminary Water Quality Management Plan
  • Appendix H:     Noise and Vibration Analysis
  • Appendix I:       Traffic Impact Study

2.  Iron Horse Hills Subdivision - Reche Canyon Specific Plan.  DAP-001-643 - Addendum to Iron Horse Hills Subdivision Environmental Impact Report with Appendixes.

Addendum with appendixes  



1.  Hosanna Village Apartments Initial Study - Mitigated Negative Declaration at 2971 S. La Cadena Drive


2. Business Park at 2245 West Valley Boulevard - DAP-001-778 - Addendum to HUB City Centre Specific Plan

Addendum for Business Park Project

A Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program 
Air Quality Assessment 
Cultural Resources Assessment 
Geotechnical Engineering Report 
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment 
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment 
G1 Water Quality Management Plan
G2 Preliminary Hydrology Report 
Acoustical Assessment 
Traffic Study 
Energy Calculation 

3.  Ashley Furniture Expansion Project Initial Study - Mitigated Negative Declaration at 755 and 855 Ashley Way 


4. Agua Mansa Logistics Center Initial Study Consistency Checklist 

at 1400-1500 Agua Mansa Road 

5.  Roquet Ranch Specific Plan Addendum to Certified Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

6. Giant RV Repair and Preparation Facility - 1020 Santo Antonio Drive

NOI and Initial Study and Appendixes

7. Notice of Availability (NOA) for Barton Road Logistics Center Draft EIR and Public Workshop

Final EIR

Draft EIR


8. Litton / Bostick Hillside Residential Project DAP-001-378


9.  Notice of Intent and Mitigated Negative Declaration_DAP-001-667_1395 E. Washington St.


10. 201 Mission Street - Dhillon Truck and Trailer Repair DAP-001-654


11.  Barton Road Bridge Removal and Reconstruction Project


12.  US Auctions 1050 S. 6th Street - DAP-001-566


13. CR&R Modernization - 2059 Steel Road - DAP-001-575

14 Riverside Highland Water Company Well - 800 E. Washington - DAP-001-527

15. Gateway Sign/Station 215 - 2680 S. La Cadena - DAP-001-425 & 476

16.  Tropica Ranch Commerce Center - 1601 S. La Cadena Drive DAP-001-421


17. NEC 10 Pepper - 1500, 1550, 1590 W Valley (File Index Number DAP-001-450)


18. Colton Center Street Warehouse - 1901 West Center Street. (File Index Number DAP-001-446)


19. Agua Mansa Grading Project - 1500 W. Agua Mansa Road. (File Index Number DAP-001-427)

20. California University of Science & Medicine (CUSM) - Draft IS/MND - DAP-001-284


Project Environmental Impact Reports - ARCHIVED

1. Roquet Ranch Specific Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report

 (EIR) Available as of August 7, 2017


2. Agua Mansa Commerce Center - Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report - 2250 S. Riverside Avenue - Applicant Prologis

3. Colton’s Hub City Center Specific Plan Administrative Final EIR (August 2014)

Draft EIR

Appendices CHCCSP-DEIR

4. Agua Mansa Commerce Center Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Draft Initial Study - 2250 South Riverside Avenue

5.  Colton Safety Element - Addendum to Colton 2013 General Plan EIR

  • Final Addendum - Colton Safety Element

6. Latest General Plan Update Environment Documents Archive:

Colton Community Park - Draft IS/MND - Archived 

All comments should be provided in writing to the Community Services Director and received by staff before the end of the public review period, Friday, September 27, 2019. Written comments should be sent to the City either by fax to (909) 777-3351, in person, via email to  (PDF) or via mail to:

City of Colton
Attn: Deb Farrar, Community Services Director
650 N. La Cadena Drive
Colton, CA 92324

Please include the project name/number in all correspondence

Colton Park IS/MND - August 28, 2019 (PDF)